Three Missing Michigan Boys Found?

After 39-year-old John Skelton tried to hang himself, he told police he gave his three sons - Andrew, Alexander and Tanner - to a woman with whom he had an online relationship.

Skelton is now in the hospital being treated for his mental health issues. He said the woman Joann Taylor was driving a silver van when she took the kids but she has not been located and neither have the boys.

Here's a picture of the three missing Michigan boys.

Three Missing Michigan Boys

Have the boys been found? Do you think the missing boy's father is telling the truth and the woman is taking care of them? Or is he lying and he just dumped the boys in the road?

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I don't think the father is telling the truth. I just hope the missing boy are alive.
On Friday an Amber Alert was issued for 5-yr-old Tanner, 7-yr-old Alexander, and 9-yr-old Andrew Skelton after their father 39-yr-old John Skelton was hospitalized after trying to commit suicide. The boys were with their father by way of a court ordered visitation.

Court records and a judge say the parents of the three missing southern Michigan boys had a custody dispute but later worked out a time-sharing agreement.

The boys were with their father as part of court-ordered visitation, according to reports, and were last seen on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, in the backyard of their father's southern Michigan home. Police say they 'remain hopeful' the children are still alive.

Police doubt 39-year-old John Skelton's story about handing his children over to a woman named Joann Taylor before attempting suicide.

New details are emerging about the relationship between the boy's father, John Skelton, and his wife, Tanya Skelton. They married eight years ago but decided to separate earlier this year. Both sought permanent custody of their three sons.

answered by Jonah | 11-30-2010 at 03:35 PM

the missing brothers
The names are Tanner Skelton, Alexander Skelton and Andrew Skelton. Tanner is 5, Alexanders is 9 and Andrew is 7.
They're adorable. <3

answered by Guest | 12-03-2010 at 10:09 PM

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