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Mathel 11-01-2009 12:52 PM

Conjugal Visit Rules?
Okay, My name's Amanda and my boyfriend was recently sentenced to 7 yrs in prison.
Right now he's being processed. Once he's moved to his home prison is there a possibilty of conjugal visits? I would die if I can't visit him.
What are the rules of conjugal visits?
He said to me he heard that it is allowed but i'd rather not get my hopes up if they aren't allowed.

Lomas 11-01-2009 12:55 PM

Typically, the states that offer Extended Family Programs are extremely selective when it comes to choosing who can participate in conjugal visits.
Not every convict wearing a wedding ring is automatically eligible. Each state's Department of Corrections has its own highly specific set of eligibility rules and requirements. For example, inmates must be serving in a medium security prison or less. They cannot have any recent behavior or rule violations. And once they have jumped through all the necessary hoops, the prisoner must go through a mandatory health screening.

On the other side, those wishing to visit the prisoner must also qualify for eligibility. A spouse must (1.) be on the prisoner's approved visitor list (2.) provide proof of relation (3.) pass a background check (4.) submit to a search and (5.) dress appropriately. In California, the list of banned clothing is extensive but common sense. Transparent clothing, bare midriffs, strapless attire, and anything with obscene or offensive language or drawings won't make it past security. In Connecticut, the Department of Corrections tells visitors not to wear "revealing, seductive, or offensive clothing or attire that draws undue attention."

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