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Pauline 11-02-2009 09:56 PM

Scott Rothstein: Money Laundering?
It's getting harder and harder to find a major Republican fundraiser in Florida who hasn't been caught up in scandal lately.
What is Scott Rothstein being investigated for? Has he been involved in Money Laundering activities? And what about his partners? Did they know about what Rothstein was doing?

Demos 11-02-2009 09:58 PM

Scott Rothstein is accused of misappropriating investor funds. The firm and Rosenfeldt filed suit against Rothstein, and hired a former top federal prosecutor to investigate the allegations.

Rosenfeldt now believes Rothstein, his friend and co-founder of the firm, lied to him and betrayed his trust over and over. He'd caught him in "white lies'' over the years, he said in an interview. But nothing to prepare him for what's being alleged.

Rothstein had a private jet he leased, and speculation as to his whereabouts now centers on the North African country of Morocco.

I personally think there is no way that the lawfirm did not know about this. My guess is that the lawfirm was loosing so much money it had to be made up by some type of Madoff scheme.
Otherwise, if he just did this on his own, why put the lawfirm in a receivership?

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