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White 06-28-2010 05:51 PM

What ACT Scores Mean?
What do my ACT scores MEAN?
I don't really know how to compare test scores between different schools and stuff.
I plan on majoring in Biology/Medicine in College and was curious as to what my score means and what bigger named colleges would accept it?
I know the highest you can score is a 36, but what is the average score? And what is considered a good ACT score?

These are my ACT scores.

Overall Score - 24
English - 23
Reading - 25
Math - 23
Science - 33

Essay - 10 out of 12

Timothy 06-28-2010 05:52 PM

It depends on where you want to go to college. The average college ACT score range is somewhere between 25-30, I'd say. The highest possible ACT score is 36.
Depending on what college you are applying for, different colleges require different ACT Scores.
That's a pretty good score.

Colleges and universities ask for your ACT/SAT scores for a reason - you're going to have to take tests in school, and they want to know you have the basic skills needed for college. Colleges want to know you will work hard and be involved once you're there. Making good grades over a long term will show that you're a solid student.

But let me give you some advice before its too late. ACT scores really don't mean much anymore unless you get a perfect score (36). Instead, colleges are looking for well rounded students. I would say that they will look at your ACT scores, but your grades and extracurriculars will be weighted more heavily.

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