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Prince 10-17-2009 09:13 PM

Sweetest Day Holiday?
Until today I had no idea what the sweetest day holiday means.
Today my daughter mentioned it after I saw she bought something for her boyfriend. I was searching the web for information about the Sweetest Day Holiday, I would like to know what was the origin of it? Also, what year did the Sweetest Day holiday begin?

Megan 10-17-2009 09:15 PM

Sweetest Day is a holiday where people take time out to show appreciation towards others by giving candy or other sweets to people or just for the purpose of making them happy.

The holiday is a day which is celebrated as a ceremony which is usually celebrated in the parts of northeast United States and great lakes region. This is celebrated only on the third Saturday in the month of October. This is a day, on which it is observed as a day dedicated mainly for the aged, sick people and orphan children. Not only dedicated for them but also for all relatives, friends and other associative. We get kindness from all these people and also they care a lot for us. For these people, we dedicate this day.

Some people think of Sweetest Day holiday as being a made up holiday, and that's fine... let them be miserable while you celebrate in the spirit of life and love! This holiday is for all the sweeties in your life, not just your significant other.

On this day, how would it be if we go on a holiday? On this sweetest day all people gift candies and everything to all their intimates. So the candy sales also get boosted. So this day is also dedicated for the candy salesmen. In the year 1992, they started observing the third Saturday as the holiday. The sweetest day holiday has also become a special day for lovers.

This tradition now seems to largely involve giving small presents, such as cards, candy and flowers, to family, friends, and lovers. It gives us an opportunity to reach out to the not- so-well-off sections of the society and spread happiness in their lives.

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