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theEnigma 03-05-2010 09:00 AM

oops nevermind!
Just found out Alaska Psychiatry Journal and another site were created by the producers and are hoaxes.

Guest 03-10-2010 02:38 PM

The Fourth Kind
I am skeptical about the Dr William? (sorry I forget the name in the movie) who understand Sumerian by the sound. I think it is possible for one to read the character (assuming that there are still artifacts for research), but it is very unlikely for one to understand the Sumerian dialect when the language itself was dead thousands of years ago.

Guest 03-13-2010 10:50 PM

People u make me laugh, u think if this story and footage was real, government would let to create such a movie and use real footage. Don't be silly and Hollywood wins again!

Casey believes 03-14-2010 02:02 AM

Abigail Tyler
Oh my goodness I believe all of this stuff! I don't know about y'all. This movie was pretty creepy, and I think it was actually real. I feel sorry for her because she lost her daughter because of those things. Well, I think all of this was real. Don't say anything against her because she actually lost both of her kids.

Guest 03-20-2010 06:13 AM

How selfish are we?
I, for one, really think that it is quite selfish of the human race to think that we are the only ones to inhabit the universe. Is Abigail Tyler real? Maybe not, but there are others out there who truly believe that abduction is real, and really, who are we to judge? God said that he created man in his own image not that man was the first thing he created, so who knows, maybe we aren't alone!

Guest 03-21-2010 04:01 AM

Spooky movie! But it's not real, kids. Charlotte Milchard is clearly a very talented actress, but that's what it was...acting!
Good movie though.

Guest 03-21-2010 04:25 AM

Just think about it...
I think personally that it is an open subject. I watched the movie and found it to be pretty interesting. Now, does that make me a "believer" well, I am not sure. BUT... if the woman was a fake, she is seriously messed up. Her eyes were truly full of pain, hurt, suffering and fear. It is like they say after the movie, "Believe what you want." I think that most people who don't believe in things such as this, are scared... Just like those who do not believe in ghosts. Fear is hard to deal with, not believing is a way of convincing yourself that it does not exist. We must remember though... seeing is believing... Abigail Tyler believes in something that she has seen... who are we to call her a liar?

MissViXen 03-21-2010 09:18 PM

Okay, I think that Abigail Tyler was played by Charlotte Milchard

Check it out. It shows Charlotte's face becoming Abigail's. There's no way this is real. It may be based on true EVENTS but it never happened in 2000 and there's no way the "actual footage" would be released to the public. it showed a guy SHOOTING his family then himself. No one in their family would ever consent to that becoming public, not in a million years. I'm not ruling out the idea of aliens and alien abduction, I beleive in god and the devil and all, there's no proof disproving, only proof supporting the idea. They are all just skeptics scared of what they don't understand fooled into believing whatever they are told. Have a mind for yourself, I know that the movie is not real because I use my common sense. The director got his idea from research that lead him to this story, he just made it more interesting.

But seriously check out the website, there's a clip there from youtube. undoubtedly Charlotte Milchard.

killerthud 03-23-2010 01:07 AM

this is true because first of all i did some research and she still lives in America but in California to get away for the madness.

Reasons for the creepy things like the monotone voice and the flowing in the air:
In the clip of the UFO over the house:the reason of the fuzziness of the clip is because the radioactivity in mars or in space.

Dj. Blumpkins 03-23-2010 04:39 AM

OK you say it cant be real do to it showing a man shooting his family, you ever watched faces of death hm it clearly shows people jumping off buildings and splatting their brains on the pavement? Let me guess that movie isn't real either. As for me my conclusion is that it isn't real. and maybe not all but most of the video is faked. Cropped and split together to make a very believable story do believe there is life out there besides us. If the story is real and the names have been changed they were changed for a reason. would you want thousands of people watching a movie about your life, hounding you looking you up going on and on about she's a fake, she's real yada yada. I believe we all should leave it be and go back to talking et!

MissViXen 03-23-2010 11:06 PM

I mean that the "real" version of the man shooting his family were also actors because no one would want their family being shot in the head being viewed by the world. both are actors-stories are real.

Skept 03-25-2010 10:58 PM

Question? Whether this (the documented parts of the movie) is truth or not, it seems, as people we want to find our own reality to believe in. Here’s an Example:
The college of Dr. Abigail Tyler, who came to Nome to support her. He witnesses unexplained things with his own eyes while there in the room and chose not to believe it, He could not accept what he had witnessed. And as humans isn’t that how most of us are..... There are things people see; really scary things and they deny it. They do not and are not willing to accept it; especially if it’s something they know or think they have no control over. We love scary… as long it’s on the other side of the TV screen. Put the action in your living room completely different story.
A point was made earlier, they would show a murder suicide in a move, but depicted in a real move or documentary and no family would let this be known or seen. To me this is the only thing in the movie that would make me believe that this no real all other facts…. Could be true.

Guest 03-27-2010 06:21 AM

Fourth kind questions...
There should be legal and medical records for some of the incidents that were in the movie
1. Is there a missing persons report on the little girl who was supposedly abducted from aliens and never heard from again
2. Is there a medical report on the guy who broke his back during hypnotherapy.
3. Did the murder suicide and the killing of the daughter actuall occur, should be public record up there unless the mother of all cover up
4. What happened to the deputy who witnessed the craft abduct the young girl
I found the movie entertaining but most of the happenings in the movie should be public record, are they there?

Guest 03-28-2010 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 10750)
Another thing is, is that during the "hypnosis" the tapes did not say "actual footage". Everything that actually happened had "actual footage" or "actual recording". The cop tape, the weird dude, and even the footage of her being all weird, wasn't actually true. They made those tapes, chopped and screwed them, and did a very good job at tricking people in believing that ALL the tapes were actual recordings. Good movie, either way.

Yes you are right. All I was really interested in confirming was specifically the footage of the disembodied voice/levitating scenes which I couldn't really believe. Pretty good movie regardless. I love the translations of the Sumerian text, really creepy. I've heard theories like this before regarding ancient cultures, symbolism, architecture as well, but TBH it's pretty easy to interpret whatever you want.

YOUR ALL DUMB 03-28-2010 10:37 PM

Charlotte Milchard
This movie was fake but also had me thinking the stock footage was real ... but the film fuzzes were easily faked and levitation ...easily faked...all the makeup on abigail tyler ...easily faked .... quit telling yourselves lies was a good movie ...but its a fake movie so get over it and quit reading all your "hard facts" off some fat comic book shop dudes abduction website or fan site for area 51 ....

anti-ignorance 03-30-2010 01:38 AM

bottom line. your alive, im alive. he is alive, she is alive. this is life and all that space out there is life. what makes you think or believe nothing else exists? technology so advanced for our understanding. us humans, we have yet to use the full function of our brain. imagine other life forms with full functions of their brain with capabilities with little to no limits. there is a link between aliens, god, angels, etc. there is a creator. who created the creator? well it beats the hell out of me. but just find it in yourselves to believe within these lines. cause its foolish not to believe in other life out there. "Table top mountain of PERU" explain? lines of Nazca, explain? all of this is questions and the answer, we're not ready for. all i know is that i wont be surprised or shocked. i believe.

Guest 03-30-2010 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 13085)
Will somebody please help me? Every since i saw the movie I've been, what you call "obsessing" over Dr. Abigail Tyler, but, i can't find any information on her on the internet, everybody keeps bringing up "Alaska Psychiatry Journal" But my computer will not go to the site, i was wondering if someone could possibly copy that link and paste it on another website, my curiosity and compassion is killing me. :/ So can someone please help? And my opinion on the movie, i believe it is real, and if it isn't, they did a damn good job faking it.

Because it has been pulled for the site. that is why you or anyone else can not find it anymore

Guest 03-30-2010 05:43 AM

i don't know if the movie was real or fake tapes and yes they could have been easily faked but honestly just because they can be faked does not mean they are not real. i like the ancient Egyptian stuff and they found a pyramid that was labeled the visitor that is not human looking in the hieroglyphics, does that mean Hollywood faked that to? whether or not the film is true it is completely crazy to think there is not life outside our planet, the universe is to big! and who's to say it didn't happen? i don't understand it but just because i don't does not mean you have to deny that it could ever happen. personally the movie was good i beleive it maybe was actors but i don't think i would want everyone to know what i looked like so they could point and look at me like i belonged in a straight jacket either. but anyways what I'm getting at is no one knows and i probably will never find out in my life time for sure but the bible talks about aliens the ancient Egyptians talk about aliens and the metals they found with the body in the tomb we still don't know of ever existing on this planet. I don't know think what you want and I'll think what i want.

Guest 03-30-2010 11:41 AM

Charlotte Milchard plays the "real" Dr. Abigail Tyler. Just for those of you who have been trying to search. :o)

Dr. Guest 8127 03-30-2010 08:09 PM

Logical Thinking...
" sigh "

1. the actress playing Abigail is in the so called "video's" from the movie. she herself is an actress playing in re-created video's labeled Oct.2000. this is NOT the real Abigail so how can these video's be called real???
2. no one else collaborates except the Sumerian dialect expert now teaching in Canada. the movie states he collaborates it, but no actual written statements exist. technically we are all watching the events of ONE PERSON'S ACCOUNT of these events.
3. speaking from a strictly anatomical background, how can a human being produce an "emp" to disrupt camera's inside a house??? there are reported incidents from the U.S. Air Force of coming into contact with "UFO's" and all electrical mechanics failing, but this was in direct contact with a "mother ship". yes, the human body possesses some electrical properties, but not enough to cause a camera to blur just enough out of focus but THE SOUND MIC WAS STILL FUNCTIONAL???
4. the movie NEVER states, nor does anyone from the encounters, specify who is talking in Sumerian during the distorted focus of the camera feeds. whether it be white noise or added later. how was Ms. Abigail able to communicate with the said "extra terrestrial" in the last camera feed in the movie? why were only specific words emphasized on and why was the ONLY complete phrase I....AM....GOD....???????

come on people, use your heads and don't believe everything that comes from a movie. if i WERE able to find the ACTUAL video's of Abigail Tyler's work, then my facts could be verified. these video's are of actors re-creating so called events from Abagail's past. schizophrenia anyone???

p.s. this thread alone made the Abigail Tyler:abduction theory stop for oh......bout 2 weeks now.

Guest 03-31-2010 02:10 PM

The 4th Kind Actual Video
I've worked in law enforcement, as a prior cop. The actual video that they show in the movie is false. In the hostage scene, you can hear the doc talking with the man holding his family hostage. PD officials have communications equipment on their person. Which means you can hear the officer and whats around them. In the movie you can hear the man in the house. Even though he's about 50 or 60 feet away, and in the house. You can hear his voice clearly but could not hear the gunshot, which would be heard from outside. I'm 99% certain the video is a hoax.

Avery 03-31-2010 05:04 PM

Dear Everyone
Kat is right that the face is blurred in the commercial.But she is wrong about everything else. I live in Nome so that movie was very scary to me. Kat just to let you know her face isn't blurred in the movie and its all real.My grandpa who lives in Nome also said that it was all over the news and in the paper about abductions.So Kat please quit telling people its fake especially because i live in Nome.

Guest 04-02-2010 06:45 PM

hello all, i am curious, when you American stop being so f.... ignorant, go back to school and learn to read, then you can research a bit on the net before you start just blindly believing everything what you see on your telly. Simply put, the only account for this doctor is only after the movie had been created,
"In the movie "The Fourth Kind," Milla Jovovich plays Dr. Abigail Tyler, the Nome, Alaska, psychiatrist who stumbles upon the 'alien abduction' link between her patients, during clinical hypnotherapy sessions. If you search for Dr. Abigail Tyler, Nome Alaska, a website called "Alaska Psychiatry Journal" provides a "biography" of Dr. Tyler with "related articles" on the topics of sleep disorders, emotional issues, hypnotherapy and regression therapy. However, the website does not have a homepage or contact information. The website was registered on GoDaddy in August 2009. A real online-medical publication would have such information, so this leads to the conclusion that the website is a viral marketing ploy, much like the promotion for the upcoming "2012" movie and the for "Institute for Human Continuity." Sorry to burst your bubble, but this doesn't rule out that Dr. Tyler 'could' have been based on a 'real' doctor; but if there were, the true account would have made for a much more interesting find"
another thing you might want to consider:
your doctor is an actress, Charlotte Milchard, you can check on the below website, or just put into google her name:

anyway, good movie, because it provoked some emotion, and since it made me get up from bed and do some investigation, like 10 minutes on the web, ha ha

beth 04-02-2010 11:27 PM

i think its real
i think its real.
people say its fake because in the 'real footage' when anything alien happened it got blurred out but i think the video when all crazy was because there was something very powerful in that room, or the level of energy or something. I can't really explain it.

Wrath of God 04-03-2010 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 11360)
I saw this movie last night with my boyfriend and I was f'N paranoid while in the theater!!! I don't know whether or not it's true, but I just hope that if it is it better stay over there wherever away from me and mines!!! It makes me wanna be closer to GOD!!! That may sound weird, but it made me remind myself that all I have to do is call on his precious name to save me from any demon, devil, or alien. Nothing is more powerful than calling on the name of JESUS!!!! NOTHING!!! Now, the rest of y'all go ahead and finish up with y'all little chit chatting and all!!! I'm gonna stop being freaked out by this and know that my FATHER got my back if anything were to happen to me!

I think your missing the underlying Idea of the movie..and that is that there is no god , aliens influenced us to the point that we believed they were god and the rest of the religious mambo jumbo came later...The oldest know human language is in fact not human but was taught to us by them...I think maybe we created the idea of god around them and the rest of the embellishments as history will fully show you if you seek facts and not prophecy is that the people who created the bible did so 100's of years after the supposed for you to call upon god for guidance is kind of funny...

Marcela 04-03-2010 12:06 PM


just look!

Guest 04-03-2010 11:17 PM

You guys are ******* idiots.

Guest 04-04-2010 06:42 AM

OK so why does this kinda stuff happen in some remote area of the world, if aliens can do these things and proclaim to be god taking control, then why don't they just do it. Please, I mean why have to be elusive about it, that's silly. If they are really this powerful, to erase our memories, speak through animals either symbolically or otherwise, and abduct us from our sleeping states without our knowledge, then why they gotta hide it. Afraid we'll find out and drop an A-bomb on their asses. Human's are pretty full of themselves you know. I believe there is life other than us and I believe they probably have lives other than playing games with us. Come ON! In the grand scheme of things human beings are not that important, we need to get over ourselves. And movies are just that, movies and their point is to make us think and to entertain us. Gotta give kudos to the makers of this one, I am entertained far after leaving the theater.

Guest 04-04-2010 09:29 AM

intergallactic pedofiles
I watched this with my wife and it scared us pretty good. But I have a major problem in believing that aliens travel such massively vast distances to molest other creatures on other planets. Some people say that it is like when people studies animals and trap them from time to time to study them closer or take biological samples. Sounds logical, but if one has the technological supremacy to transport a human girl through the walls and roof of a house and brainwash humans and/or make them kill there family members and abduct possibly millions of humans for the past 6 thousand years without really ever getting caught, would not one do a better job? All that massive technology and the aliens cant examine another species without all the torture? Would not an alien race have some sort of mri machine or super advanced scanner. But no, I am going to travel billions of light years at huge cost, develop a machine to re-wire brains and another machine to magically transport living creatures through solid objects and another machine to keep the rest of my toys from being detected and another machine to carve out large decorations in English crop fields, but the most I can come up with for examination tools is something that doctors from the 1600s would find scary. Unless these aliens like to torture lesser beings which makes them perverts. Internet porn not enough for the owl-heads. Did you really come all this way to probe my ass? REALLY!? Who is the superior being now. Think about it people.

truth_untruth 04-04-2010 03:14 PM

my opinion
hi there guys...well I don't believe in aliens and never to believe on it. But, the thing is that the movie tells us that this can be true, I mean not the aliens. If you could see how Dr. Tyler struggle when she was hypnotized just to see her daughter or what happened three days ago, this is so weird. None of us can do that. If you are a parent especially if you're a mother you will definitely do everything just to find your missing child and that's what Dr. Tyler did which other thought that she's insane. Why at the end of the movie stated there that the sheriff refused to have the interview for the movie and doesn't want to be involved in the movie. Does it mean that this is real? Or he knew everything about Nome, Alaska that would definitely questioned him? I believe that the actual footage were really taken that happened on those dates. The 911 call couldn't be edited, indeed. If the speculations that the footage were all made, I don't think so. The footage of the police who saw something on the Tyler's roof couldn't be edited as well. As you can see every time there were footage which about the hypnotism or happened to change their voices (like what happened to the man and to Tyler) told us that the unforeseen force is really strong or powerful. The voice recording is really goosebumps.

nicolas 04-05-2010 03:26 AM

hi i'm from Argentina and i saw the movie 2 days ago, is REALLY ******* CREEPY LIKE HELL! xD and the image seems very real but the creepy voices i can do it to all the world could do it whit practice I'm a death metal singer and it's no hard to do it, and with the magic of Hollywood can be even less harder (sorry for my BAD English xD) this movie and paranormal activity are awesome

Guest 04-05-2010 05:11 PM

hate to put a bummer on things but google charlotte milchard this is an actor who plays Taylor... although i do believe in the story

Tropikaldlite 04-06-2010 12:54 AM

I found a website...
I am determined to figure out if this is the real deal. I found a website that 1. Proves Nome, Alaska DOES exist & 2. Talks about the disappearances of people from the town from the 1960's all the way to the late 1990's. It's an interesting site. All of you should read it.

Definitely gave me some chills. I believe in a higher power, I consider myself to be a Christian. But who is to say that there isn't some sort of being from another place? We travel out of Earth to visit our space station and see other planets. Is it so impossible that there could be other life forms studying US??? Think about it.

Guest 04-06-2010 05:28 AM

OK so yes Charlotte Milchard does play what is supposed to be the real Dr. Abigail Tyler, when you see her it's obvious. It was a really good movie though, I mean look at how much it's stirred people. In the beginning of the movie and at the end they say to make of it what you will, and that is the whole point, sure it's probably all fake but it's fun and spooky and makes you remember that there an infinite amount of space out there, are we really supposed to believe that our planet is the only one with living beings? I just don't understand why every alien abduction movie portrays it as an awful experience, why would these obviously far superior beings come here and torture us like that? Of course all media plays on human fears, if you fear it they can make money.

Guest 04-07-2010 09:56 AM

Sorry guys the film is fake and abby is played by Charlotte Milchard good film though and there some facts that are right like the missing people but abby is not really just do a google search and the doctor face comes up with Charlotte Milchard.

Guest 04-07-2010 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 12753)
Whatever we cant explain we call it alien abduction. The bible clearly states the existence of demons and magic. i have been a victim of black magic myself. when i first saw the trailer i was shocked. ive moved to 4 different houses in the past 8 years and wherever i go owls follow me. i know everyone here will make fun of me. but at exactly 3 am an owl will come and sit on my window and stare. owls occupy places where there is demonic activity and haunted places. where there are ghosts. i wish there really was a dr abigail and i could talk to her so she could help me and i would show her references and knowledge from certain religious books like the holy bible and the quran.

i deepest feeling throughout to you. hope everything went well. As for Quran or Bible keep on prying. Demon are made to disturb human kind. its his legion to God. Stay strong... and use whatever means from your religion to help out. Don't hear nonsense like "you are crazy"... and "things are not real". They just afraid. good luck and live well.

Guest 04-07-2010 08:29 PM

its real.......just don't be so arrogant and believe we are the only being in this world. The universe are big enough to have others being! and stop being in denial...there are things like ghost, aliens, santa claus... i wonder y u guys still asking. just ask how baby are made...( its not went by went mummy and daddy go to bed !) it somethings tiny and form a human

i wonder why you being so short and disturb minded. are you afraid?

Guest 04-10-2010 01:36 AM

OF COURSE it is real how in the hell did she levitate herself in live video and then her camera ***** up doing this Samaritan language and then the live video of the UFO abducting her daughter...poor Abigail and Ashley we don't know what the **** is in the universe we haven't gone that far galaxies could be filled with smarter intelligences we wouldn't know what the hell is up there and the ******* government wants to cover everything up that they didn't want us to know about

Guest 04-10-2010 01:58 AM

just read this from IMDB
"According to promotional materials from Universal, the film is framed around a psychologist named Abigail Tyler who interviewed traumatized patients in Nome. However Alaska state licensing examiner Jan Mays says she can't find records of an Abigail Tyler ever being licensed in any profession in Alaska. Ron Adler, CEO and director of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute and Denise Dillard, president of the Alaska Psychological Association say they've never heard of Abigail Tyler. Web sites for an "Alaska Psychiatry Journal" and "Alaska News Archive" containing references to Tyler were created by the film's producers, but were outed as hoaxes when it was discovered they were registered a month before the film's release and the purported author of one of the archived news articles stated she had never written it. "

Guest 04-10-2010 04:41 AM

the truth
this movie is real. the species in this movie have been known as the annuki. they spoke what we know as the first language being Sumerian. they taught us their language and how to build and write and grow food it all started with this species. they are the ones in the carvings. I've seen the carvings myself and there is no way other than seeing the ships themselves that the ancient Sumerians could possibly conceive of what a ship would look like. you all have actual even heard of one of the most famous annuki. His name is Jehovah. yes him you've read about him in the bible and at the end of the movie when you hear that's voice claim it is god, that his him. he's back from banishment for the cruelty he put us through to try and rule us again. Jesus is not going to hear your prayers either for those of you believing he will. for those of you who are ignorant enough to believe Jesus is coming beck i feel sorry for you. he has evolved to a point where he sees that we must fend for ourselves for us to learn and evolve seeing as we have twisted his teachings into something wrong. if you really believe that god controls everything than you are a coward and are to afraid to take responsibility for your actions and your life.

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