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Tori 09-01-2011 09:23 PM

Ned Kelly Bio & Facts?
Who is Ned Kelly and why is he all over the news today? Where can I read his bio and facts about his life?
After an intensive twenty month investigation, scientists and doctors revealed that a skeleton found buried in a wooden axe box were those of the Ned Kelly.
I'm sure he had an interesting life, considering he is so famous in Australia.
Please let me know some facts about his life and if possible, post a link to his biography.

Daphne 09-01-2011 09:26 PM

As a bio, Edward Ned Kelly was born in June 1855 at Beveridge, Victoria, the eldest son of John Red Kelly and his wife Ellen, née Quinn.
As a child, Ned Kelly saved another boy from drowning and after that the boy's family awarded him a green silk sash in recognition of his bravery.
But that was pretty much the only good thing he did. Ned Kelly was a notorious criminal, feared around Victoria and beyond as a robber and murderer.
He had numerous encounters with police and he was famous for using a very distinctive armour that he made himself to get protection against bullets.
I recommend you read facts and his complete bio here:

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