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Ian 08-08-2010 11:26 PM

Maura Murray 2010 Case Update?
I just watched Maura's story on TV. My heart goes out to her friends and family. I pray that someday Maura Murray's whereabouts will be revealed.

Maura Murray went missing after her car swerves off a dark and windy road over 140 miles away from her dorm. Years later, her family doesn't want to to give up their search and they're still actively looking for her.

What is the latest case update on Maura Murray?

Faith 08-08-2010 11:27 PM

The investigation of Maura Murray's is pretty much frozen.
The latest case update was like in 2008. We're always reminded about Maura Murray's case in Disappeared but after so many years I don't think she will be found.

Maura Murray was headed towards Bartlett, she wrote an email to her professors in which she mentioned about a death in the family as the reason for her break. Her family revealed that she lied about the tragedy. Later on the same day the police department of Woodsville received a call from a local reporting a car accident on Route 112. A bus driver also saw Murray and asked her if she needed anything but she told him she already asked for help and was waiting. After that Maura Murray went missing and we never heard about her.

There was nothing to hint she'd be motivated to run away, according to her fiance, William Rausch, and her father, Fred Murray.

Some say Maura Murray took her own life but her family dismissed that. Her loved ones say it is far more likely she was abducted and killed that night after crashing her 1996 black Saturn into trees about 7:30 p.m., that they were simply all too close for Maura to have been secretly despondent to the point of considering taking her own life.

Guest 10-18-2010 10:58 AM

Clearly the fact that she lied about a death in the family and packed all of her things in her car there was something not right with her, but if she committed suicide then I think they'd have found her body without doubt. But at the same time is it likely someone abducted her on the same day she packed up to leave wherever she was going.. Whether it was for a few days or not.. It's very strange and too much of a coincidence. I think if she was abducted then she knew her abductor and even if she was, was all the suspected serial killers and sex offenders in the area investigated and knew their whereabouts at the time of her disappearance? What's with the bus driver who last seen her? Why hasn't he been investigated?? This doesn't make sense to me. He's a suspect until proved otherwise. I think the police has failed Maura. She must have wandered of.. Concussed and confused.. It's sad.

It's a very curious case how someone can just disappear like that.. These cases really intrigue me. How can someone just disappear? If there's not enough evidence to suggest she's being abducted then what happened to her? I read that a psychic concluded that she had been murdered, why haven't they got another psychic to back up the first ones claim? Was she simply just picked up by a murderer further down the road concussed from the car accident and drove to another location?

Nevertheless, I hope she's found one day.

Karen 11-13-2010 03:48 AM

Maura packed all of her belongings at school, but left them behind with the exception of a case of wine in the backseat of her car. If Maura intended to commit suicide, maybe she wanted to make it easier for her family to claim her belongings. By telling her professors she had a death in the family, maybe she was foretelling her own death. Maura had her cell phone with her and told the bus driver she had already called for help, but residents say there is no cell reception in the area. If her car wasn't drivable and she was unable to use her cell phone, why would she refuse assistance? What other option did she have since she was stranded?

I do agree that if she committed suicide, though, her body would've been found by now. Police searched the area with dogs. The dogs traced Maura's scent a few yards down the road where her car wrecked, and the scent ended in the middle of the road, leading some people to believe she was picked up by a passing motorist.

The bus driver who talked to Maura after the crash was questioned by police. But it seems the police department dropped the case prematurely. Maura's dad has returned several times over the years to conduct his own investigation. People in the town were cooperative at first but many, including the bus driver, grew irritated at Mr. Murray's continued questioning. I read that one man did share with Mr. Murray suspicions about his brother. The man gave Mr. Murray a piece of "evidence" (a knife, if I recall correctly), which Mr. Murray sent to the FBI for analysis. No one got back with him.

I also read about some bones that were found in a closet in a house, a couple miles from the crash scene, when the occupant moved out. It hadn't been determined whether the bones were that of an animal or were human remains. I understand the Murrays' frustration because it seems there is so much potential evidence that is brushed aside. It's almost like there's a conspiracy in that town. It's possible, though, that Maura accepted a ride with someone who drove her out of town.

Guest 12-10-2010 10:00 AM

"Death in the family"
Is there any possibility that she was pregnant and lost the baby? This could be the "death in the family." Perhaps she hadn't told anyone she was pregnant. Just thinking outside of the box.
Is there any possibility she was abducted and was taken into Canada?

Guest 12-25-2010 11:21 PM

What if she was not the one actually sending those emails? what if some else had access to her account and had sent the emails?

Guest 12-28-2010 10:08 AM

potential witness
I personally have been searching the hills of NH since the so called accident. Through these eyes and other senses this author has witnessed some very leading information. Such as a red truck once owned by a family member disappearing after it is witnessed in warren NH. The DMV to this day has no record of where the vehicle went. The family member that should be investigated has family in NH....thats a promise!

Guest 12-29-2010 12:19 PM

Try using a psychic
I know the FBI use Psychics for missing person's cases; has the family considered using one to try and reach her wherever she is? The FBI has a list of renowned psychics they've used in the past.

Guest 12-31-2010 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 35940)
I know the FBI use Psychics for missing person's cases; has the family considered using one to try and reach her wherever she is? The FBI has a list of renowned psychics they've used in the past.

Yes, the investigation has investigated and ruled out leads by psychics.

There was a serial killer active in the region in the time of Maura's abduction. He is no longer alive so there is no way to rule out whether or not he abducted her. I know that police and investigators have looked into that possibility.

The search now is for her remains. I suspect that if she is found it will be by chance. Perhaps hikers or hunters will find her. It is a sad situation no matter how you look at it. My heart goes out to her family members, especially to her dad who has never given up.

Guest 01-01-2011 12:16 AM

I saw Maura's story for the second time today on Disappeared and find it hard to believe that there has not been any more leads than what they have to date. I am certainly not a detective but I do believe that there are several things that have been dismissed or almost covered up. I don't believe that she was going to commit suicide. Yes, sure she may have been depressed but who isn't when they're in school and have deadlines to meet and personal issues that come up. I can't quite put my finder on it, but someone in that area knows more than what they giving up. I hope that one day, the investigators do find something that helps the family find closure for Maura and put their mind at ease.

vic 02-10-2011 04:36 PM

Someone said they saw her with a 60 year old and it could have been the bus driver. Police ain't about nothing, they don't care.

Guest 02-13-2011 06:24 AM

I have always thought the same thing, I believe the bus driver did something to her, and the police their just don't seem to get involve. What needs to be done is get a private detective to do some searching their. Maybe have someone live in the area for a couple months watch the bus driver.

Get to know the locals and see what their about someone will eventually talk. She didn't just vanishes and what breaks my heart is seeing her father look for her and saying he will keep looking for her until he can.

I wish I had a way to speak with him and I would tell him what I thought of this case and my advice to him is. Sometimes when your not burned out like he is your able to see things from a different perspective and see things others don't.

Guest 02-14-2011 04:29 AM

Is it at all possible that when Maura damaged her father's car, she did it under the influence of alcohol? She probably thought she was going to jail (because she could have been drinking), her college life was over, her boyfriend would probably leave her and other consequences. She had to call her dad to let him know his vehicle was damaged. He told her to file a police report which didn't happen probably because of fear. Maybe she had a drinking problem which no one had caught on to yet.

When she took off on that weekend with the lie about someone in the family dying and a car containing booze, she was probably trying to figure out what to do with her dilemma.

She had some drinks in the car and ended up crashing the car. The bus driver who found her wanted to call the police. She didn't want the police involved and said she called AMA which she couldn't of because of bad reception. She probably thought she should get the heck out of there because the police were going to show up. How would she explain that to them?? The second time she had crashed a car and she had booze on her breath. She could have been picked up by a passing motorist and might have decided to go to another state.

It is easy for people to take a new life and identity and there is a possibility that she is living under another name working in a field no one would suspect she'd be in.

The cellphone call her one girlfriend got where she heard sniffling and crying but no speaking could have been Maura wanting to tell someone something and then deciding she just needed to go. Shame and fear can change people's lives. There are a lot of disappeared people out there who wrongly think their friends and family will hate them or disown them for something they accidentally have done. They are not thinking rationally.

This is all speculation of course.

Lucky girl 02-16-2011 05:09 AM

Rt 112 breakdown
I was just on Rt 112 about 5 miles from the location Maura went missing. It was last week , on the 7th anniversary of Maura's accident. No cell phone coverage, negative 8 degrees and no way to get my car out of a snowbank which I drove into after avoiding 2 moose in the road.

I was heading to my ski house in Woodsville, it was after midnight. The few things I brought included 4 beers. During the 1.5 hours of digging the car out and hiding from passing cars I decided to drink 3 of the beers. My car wasn't moving and the clutch was burnt, I had no hope except to hike down the road and get cell coverage.

I did just that and called a local tow company when I had bars. Before the tow truck showed up the police did. The officer invited me to get in the cruiser to warm up while the tow truck hooked the car. Before I knew it I was cuffed and stuffed into the back of the cruiser.I was arrested for DUI. This was not at all what I expected but I was safer than I was an hour before that. I didn't put on my hazard lights and when I could hear an oncoming car I hid behind the huge snowbank.

I spent much of my time digging with the small shovel I keep in the car. On our way back to the station I explained this to the officer and told him why I was frightened by the events of the evening. The Woodstock officer stated he had no knowledge of Maura, her disappearance, even the case! He called in another officer to keep an eye on me as he booked me. The other officer also had no knowledge of Maura or her case. These are new officers I understand, but still, no clue as to a young woman gone missing only 7 years ago right in their patrol area!

Believe me, I gave them all a piece of my mind. I was booked and spent the night in Grafton County jail. I asked plenty of the correction officers about Maura's case and they too seemed to not care or didn't know. It was a horrifying experience but I am safe.

Even though I have to deal with the charges, I'm not worried since I wasn't driving and have no record. I feel like I was destine to go off the road right there, that night, and deal with those cops. I hope they do the research and maybe get more involved. Shame on them all! THIS WHOLE CASE IS A MESS THANKS TO COPS WHO THINK THEY KNOW MORE THAN THEY DO.

Guest 03-16-2011 08:16 PM

Where's Maura?
Does anyone know is there a reward offered. People seem to talk more when there's money involved.

Guest 03-16-2011 09:10 PM

My heart goes out to The Murray Family. I actually saw Disappeared earlier this afternoon and was shocked to see Maura on there. My mouth dropped and i felt pain in my body. I use to run track with Maura. I did not know that her case was on the show. I recall getting the news back in 2004 that she had went missing and we did not receive many updates about her case after that. I truly hope Maura's case is solved one day and by the grace of god she is found alive.

observant 03-17-2011 10:52 PM

very curious
I recently watched the documentary on ID this month. In just observing and listening to the father described his daughter, there was some high achievements that Maura had to meet. It was quite obvious that she was unhappy in her past present life. There was no mention of her mother other than she had broken an ankle.

The mother of the boyfriend seemed to be the one in charge and rather over bearing. Maura had a lot on her young plate, divorced parents, pressure of westpoint, boyfriend, nursing of which is very difficult in and of itself! Appeared as though Maura had the profile of an alcoholic. Her father looked like he enjoyed his alcohol at one time. Oh and the pre-paid phone....what's up with that. Sounded like she didn't want her boyfriends mother to monitor her so closely! I think Maura had a secret life with another male and was trying to keep her stories in order and quiet.

If I were Maura Murray, I think I would want to jump ship. I probably would be so tired of trying to please everyone all of the time. Maura sounded very weary and very unstable and a people pleaser because she had no choice. She did what people wanted her to do.
That's what I think. For Maura's sake, I hop she is alive and and that she will at some point contact her family when she is ready. I pray for her.

Guest 04-22-2011 03:16 PM

Clues not answered!
First, lets throw out the theory of suicide for a moment. I don't think that was a factor considering the fact that she obviously wouldn't have been able to hide her own body after she died. Then, the items she brought along such as her school work. Why would she bother? Instead, lets look at another perspective on the given clues. Lets look for a moment at the rag found stuffed in her tail pipe. Would she put it there?

Unlikely. For what purpose would she place it there unless she were trying to commit suicide by forcing the fumes into her vehicle. If that were the case, she would have had to stay in the car to inhale the fumes. It certainly wouldn't do her any good to put the rag in the tail pipe and then leave. So, Where did the rag come from? ANSWER: Most likely her abductor saw her at a store. Maybe the liquor store.

But any store she may have stopped at. He finds her attractive and sees the perfect opportunity to shove a rag into her tail pipe knowing it will cause her car to run horribly. If the exhaust were really tight, there is a likely hood that the car wouldn't run at all. But the car was old, in need of repairs and we know that since she and her father were looking for another car for her. SO, the car would run really poorly and his idea was to follow her and hopefully have a reason to rescue her at which point the perfect opportunity would present its self to abduct her.

It's possible that the rag was stuffed into the tail pipe of her car before she even left Mass., but I don't find it as likely as the car would have run horribly for the entire 145 miles and she probably would have turned back worrying that the car wouldn't make it. This was probably an abduction by someone that had the thought of abducting a female on his mind for a while but never found the perfect opportunity until Maura came along. Meaning she was probably not a specific target but rather a target of opportunity.

It's possible that on the slippery curve where she went off the road that she was noticing trouble with the way her engine was running in her car due to that rag that she wasn't aware of and went off the road. That's my take on an erroneous rag in the tail pipe. Now that said, the the question is, where was the abductor when the Bus driver came along? We know that another person in a house close by called police about the car off the road...So why wasn't the abductor spotted?

Because no one thought anything of another car passing by. Possible? Next clue, Billy's mother said Maura was on Billy's cell plan so he was able to check his bill to see where she had placed calls, BUT also states she had given Maura a couple of calling cards for her cell phone for Christmas..Why? If you are on a calling plan with a monthly bill, why would you need a card for minutes? Was Maura going to meet someone else she had found interest in that weekend? It would stand to reason that she may use a track type phone that requires a calling card for minutes to talk to another boyfriend rather than use the phone her boyfriend is paying for.

There would probably be a certain guilt factor in using the phone her boyfriend is providing her for calling another guy. Possible? Her friends, her parents, her boyfriend, boyfriends mother, everyone knew she already had a boyfriend. Who would she confide in to tell that she had an interesting man she wanted to meet up north somewhere?

Could she have possibly met someone on line that intrigued her that came from an area she was familiar with and decided to meet the mystery man? Was that mystery man her abductor? I hear a short conversation: "Quick, just get in before the cops get here. You've had a couple drinks. You don't want to spend tonight in jail. They will tow you're car to the local garage and we'll come back tomorrow and get it. They will understand it was night, you went off the road, you were stranded and they know there's no cell service around here! Just grab what you need. I'll bring you back tomorrow to pick up your car" Possible? He already had her interest peaked. She had already come this far. But the guy wasn't Mr. wonderful. He was her worst nightmare.

Clue...The bus driver stops and talks to her. He says she was trying to get out of the car but the snow was up against the door making it difficult but he doesn't help her get out? He doesn't offer a flashlight on a dark cloud covered night on a winding road so she can see what she's doing? This is a night that if the lights were off you couldn't see you're hand in front of your face. He lived 100 yards down the road. He was already in the Bus aimed for his house when he stopped. He drives on to his driveway, backs in (from my recollection of what I read), goes inside long enough to call the police who tell him that they've already had a call about it, then goes back out to his bus to do his paperwork and never sees her walk by? Never sees another car go by? So, she got out of the distressed car, gets onto the road and walks the 100 yards to his house and passes his house and does it all before he gets back outside after making a quick phone call? Possible?

We know that a construction worker reported seeing her that night approximately an hour later between 4 and 5 miles further up the road. As for the Bus driver, It's possible that if he had his interior lights on inside the bus while doing his paperwork on that dark night, that he would not have been able to see anyone walking down the road outside unless he had his headlights on also. However, she would have been able to see him fine with his inside light on IF she walked in that direction. Clue.

Why didn't the police use a better source of her scent for the dogs to track with than a new glove her father had given her? Maybe a shoe or inside of one of her coats, a used stocking? Why didn't the police drive past the Bus drivers house that night to see if she had gone up the road? Why was she going to northern NH and not telling a sole that she was going? Was the Bus driver the last person to ever see Maura? Or, was there one last person that saw her? The Bus driver has since moved to another State. The sad part is the Bus driver, by simply reporting the girl off the road becomes the last one known to have seen her and looks suspect even if he isn't so keeping an open mind is imperative.

One thing is positive...Someone somewhere knows exactly where Maura Murray is. If the police aren't still searching for her, then her family should have the God given right to the information they collected to help them further their search. The next month, another girl disappeared just 90 miles from where Maura did but in Vermont. Where is the FBI? If we can find Saddam Hussein in a hole in Iraq, we should find Maura Murray in the USA.

Guest 05-10-2011 06:30 PM

If she were going to run away and reinvent herself, as I'm sure lots of people have sometimes dreamed of doing themselves, wouldn't she call her parents, or at least her father who has never stopped searching for her since the day she went missing just to say "hey, I'm okay, but I'm not coming back." even if she did take off for a few days, a week, a month, whatever, and decided to cut ties, wouldn't she have seen the coverage of her own case and felt guilty? i know i would, but i wasn't inside her head so who knows. i don't think she committed suicide. if she had i would think she'd have been found by now.

from what I've read in different articles it seems to me that she was abducted and sadly murdered. perhaps she was intoxicated and ran before the police were called and was picked up by a passing motorist, being under the influence and scared her guard was probably down. if she were murdered i don't think her remains would be anywhere near where the "accident" occurred. New Hampshire and Vermont as we all know has miles upon miles of woods, she could be ANYWHERE. and that anywhere is probably somewhere she'll either never be found or that her bones will be accidentally stumbled upon years from now.

This case is so fascinating to me. the events leading up to her "accident" and even the so called events of the "accident" itself are so strange. I've read that the damage to her car could not have been caused from hitting the snow bank and that it's possible she may been in another accident that night, and I've also read that it's been speculated she either wasn't even in the car or that someone else was with her. what also gets me is the way the police have handled this case. in an A-frame home down the street from where her car went off the road cadaver dogs found the scent of a dead body inside a closet. samples of the rug were taken and never tested. why? also, the knife that was given to the father by a man who suspected his brother was never tested. why again?

It's been 7 years since this girl went missing and there still seems to be more questions than answers.

musclecarfreak 05-25-2011 07:43 AM

Here's what I get from all that I have read, if anyone cares. Maura bought not only the wine which was found in her car, but also stuff to make White Russian's. But those items were not in her car. She obviously bought those for someone else. But who? I agree with one of the previous posts, that she was going to meet another guy that night. And here goes my theory: She not only was going to meet another guy, but she made it to her destination.

The White Russian stuff was for him, explains why it wasn't found in her car. I believe they had an argument, and she said that she was leaving. He then placed the rag in her tailpipe without her knowledge, expecting her to not be able to go far. But trust me, if you stuffed a rag in an old cars tailpipe, it can continue to run well because of exhaust leaks, and a rag is porous enough to actually let exhaust through. So this guy then followed her a short time later, expecting to find her broke down. From what I have read, her car was found pointing west in the eastbound lane, but everybody said that it spun around backwards from the wreck.

That means she was headed back toward her dorm when she wrecked. I figure her new guy came along after the bus driver left, and even if she didn't want to go with him, she would have out of fear of a DUI. Someone needs to find out who was renting a condo where she called. That's the guy.

Guest 05-25-2011 10:55 PM

This is story is VERY strange! It's just so hard to believe that all of her strange behavior leading up to her trip has nothing to do with her disappearance. What are the odds of her just up and vanishing within 10 minutes after all of her secrecy and out of character actions right before she took off. The bus driver could not have done it I don't believe as he would not have had enough time to dispose of her body. IT SEEMS AS THOUGH ALL OF THE CLUES IN THIS CASE DO NOT RELATE TO EACH OTHER IN ANYWAY. It's like having 10 puzzle pieces from 10 separate puzzles and it doesn't fit together.
Some Questions:

Why did she pack up all her stuff INCLUDING art off the walls?
How did a rag from HER car-kit end up in the tailpipe?
What was the mysterious phone call that she received and made her upset a few days before she vanished about?
The other girl who vanished in much the same way a month before and 90 miles away really has NOTHING to do with Maura's disappearance?
Where did the rest of the booze go? And her backpack, cellphone?

What if she was meeting someone she was secretly involved with (a professor perhaps) and that person either followed her up with Maura aware or maybe unaware. When her car went off the road, the person took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed her and then killed her. This would explain how quickly she hopped in a car and why she had so much liquor with her. It DOESN'T explain how no evidence of any such relationship was ever turned up.
You should at least leave a note behind to explain. If we knew what she was thinking and why she was leaving, (just wanted a break) it would help reduce the case to the real facts and eliminate potential red herrings.

Newmanator 05-29-2011 11:30 PM

Maura's state of mind
After seeing a show about this case and not hearing any of the obvious reasons for Maura's strange behavior either on the show or in the many news articles, I have to say I'm shocked. The strange behavior's Maura began exhibiting after the first wreck would indicate Maura probably had a severe concussion.

Anyone who has coached football or been hit in the head knows that a traumatic blow to the head may not render an individual unconscious, but may cause depression, confusion, irritability and irrational behavior for days and even weeks. I believe Maura received a concussion in that first accident and she obviously was not herself in the decisions she was making or in the tone of her e-mails and phone calls in the days following that first accident.

While it is very possible Maura was abducted, it is also plausible that Maura simply was not in her right mind and after suffering another car accident and possible blow to the head, she may have become even more disoriented and confused and wandered off succumbing to the elements.

There seem to be many holes in the investigation of her actual disappearance and that is disheartening and unfortunate. As a father of four daughters, I couldn't imagine losing one of them in this way.

Guest 06-04-2011 10:23 AM

I have seen the show on ID too, and read pretty much everything i can find about this case...It seems such a mystery...After reading the previous posts along with the other info, there are a few things that baffle me and point to multiple theories converging...

Supposedly, Maura received a phone call a few days prior to her disappearance..The call came in at 1am and seemed to upset her very much.. Who was the person who called her? I haven't found that answer anywhere. Also very strange is the report that before any other LE arrived on the scene, an unnamed state trooper came upon the accident, and subsequently was out of radio contact for 2 hours...Who was this trooper and why isn't he named and why isn't there more info from him?

If Maura was going to meet someone and that person isn't involved in her disappearance, why hasn't that person come forward?

I think Maura found out something upsetting from the phone call of the previous weekend. Perhaps it had something to do with someone Maura was secretly in contact with, a hidden relationship maybe. But if that's the case, who is that person and why haven't they come forward?

Perhaps she was unstable enough to want to cause harm to herself. The packing up of her belongings is a sign; suicides often do that to make things easier for the people left behind to store or dispose of. The rag in the tailpipe. Supposedly, it came from the emergency kit in her car, so its kind of unlikely someone else put it there.

I think Maura was considering suicide and she brought all the wine, etc. to numb herself. She is the one who stuffed the rag in the tailpipe, probably thinking the fumes would be released back into the vehicle..Maybe she drove around thinking the CM would finally overtake her...But it didn't work, so she just started to drive somewhere else...Or maybe it did work a little, hence the accident...Either way, even though she walked off by herself, i think she encountered someone who abducted her...

I believe in fate and karma...and i once read somewhere that murderers and their victims are somehow fated to meet, with the vulnerabilities and distractions of the victim being key to the killer's success. Perhaps Maura was headed to do disaster to herself, but before she could succeed, someone else did it for her.

LYNOCAT71 06-12-2011 03:50 AM

Maura Murray
I would like to first like to state that My heart goes out to her family and friends(especially her father-who has been so dedicated since the first few hours). As I know My husband and I would be- God forbid we were in the same circumstance since we have 3 children and pregnant with a 4th.

We watch ID Network faithfully because the shows are very interesting and ARE NOT JUNK REALITY TV. They are the real thing dealing with serious issues. Furthermore,I feel it is so wonderful they have shows like this to put cold cases back out into the public~!!

I have seen this particular show for the 3rd time since it first aired about a week ago. My husband and I were discussing it and I thought about why they cannot trace the call she received when she was on duty-the night before working at the college campus and had to leave abruptly and was very upset according to witness'?

Also for her to lie about having a death in the family and then to have two car accidents within days of each other? Maybe she had a drinking problem or worse drugs, etc...

But, her father and mother seemed so caring, they could have dealt with whatever was going on as a family unit. I also though maybe she was living a double life and she had another boyfriend or even was in a same sex relationship and was afraid her boyfriend or friends and family would find out and she meet this other person and they are holding her captive or did her great harm~!!!

Look at Jaycee Duggar (held for 18 yrs. and the State would do checks at the psycho's house once a month~!) The news is filled so much lately (especially a lot of college kids that are Gay or hiding secrets and commit suicide or are killed because of it and it is so sad. I pray that the family one day finds her alive and that this will be resolved. Everybody pray for the best.

Guest 06-17-2011 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by musclecarfreak (Post 41428)
Someone needs to find out who was renting a condo where she called. That's the guy.

I think your theory is very interesting. I've been thinking somewhat along these lines as well.

Guest 07-02-2011 08:22 PM

If she planned to disappear, and all of these strange circumstances leading up to her disappearance were staged to make it look like a murder, and she is still alive living a new life, then she is one talented individual. This case screams to me, that she was lured there for some reason and probably murdered.

What frustrates the crap out of me is that phone call she received a few days before she went missing. If LE could have somehow traced the call (which seems like it should be possible to do, even in 2004) they probably would be looking at the murderer.

Could a family member be involved? Could a family member have lied to Maura that there was a death in the family and somehow lured her to the area she had researched on her computer shortly before leaving UMass? Seems unlikely that she wouldn't have told her family something about it however, but you never know...maybe they told her to keep it private.

Anyone know is she had family in the area she mapquested before leaving college? Any family close to the area?

Such a sad, and mystifying story. I hope for both Maura and her families sake that the case will someday be solved!

Guest 07-31-2011 03:55 AM

A missing girl ignored
This case is one of the most compelling of all time. And the reasons are multiple. I have read every account I could find. Sometimes 2 and 3 times over.
Working the case backward, you find that after the police give up, they refuse to give her father the information they were able to gather together so he could continue his search.
You also find that the father went as far as speaking with the Govenor seeking that information and he is refused. They have blocked what ever information they were able to gather from anyone viewing it in order to continue to exhaust their search. Why?
The night of Maura's accident, the police officer that arrived went back in the direction from which he came to see if he might see her walking. Why didn't the officer drive further down the road in the direction no one had checked?
Who put the rag in her tail pipe? And where did the liquor go that she was seen on store video purchasing?
Suicide is out. There was no way she would have been able to carry that much while walking on a dark, cold night especially not knowing where she was going since she would have now been on foot.
She couldn't hide it after she committed suicide, and why would she if she knew she were going to be dead? What was her punishment going to be if she were deceased and someone found the alcohol?
It is likely from all accounts that she did indeed have a drinking problem. Her father stated on TV that when he would pick her up at college for a visit, they made it a point to find a pub if there was one in the area. In addition, she was on video camera in a liquor store purchasing more alcohol. She had a prior accident only a couple days before with her father's car. I can only assume there was a good possibility that she was drinking. Never the less, people have accidents all the time that haven't been drinking. But the signs of good possibility are there.
It is odd that the boyfriends mother was the one giving all the answers rather than the boyfriend but that doesn't mean anything other than his mother was probably very dominating.
Something that struck me as more than a little strange, was the fact that during the father's search for his missing daughter, the local people complained to the police about him trespassing. Would it not be Norman for a father to search everywhere for his missing child? And, why would they care? What harm was that doing? Odd is an understatement. This is one of the points that is extremely strange.
Weather she was drinking or not, what we know for sure is that her car spun around and she went off the road into a snow banking, her lights buried in the snow. This happened in February in up state NH.
It's about the coldest month of the year. Snow is deep, the temperature is anywhere between 30 and 30 below. All the wind has to do is puff and the wind chill brings that temp down another 20 degrees.
We know it was night. It gets dark around 4:30 pm at that time of year. So at 7:30 pm, it is black outside. Especially considering her headlights were burried in the snow. It the same as if they were off.
So, it's night time, it's black out side, there are no street lights on the road since it is very rural, it's very cold.
Now about 10 minutes after the bus driver claims he spoke to her the police man arrives and finds no one! 10 Minutes!
Lets take another look at the bus driver. He's on his way home from where ever. One hundred yards from his house there is a car off the road and a young woman in the car. He speaks with her. He offers to give her a ride to his house until someone calls for her. She refuses? She tells him she called AAA when there is no reception in the area? AND, she knows without help she will be on foot?
Who lives in the immediate area? Who would know that down the road beyond where she had her accident there was a vacant empty house for sale? Who claimed to be the last person to speak with her before her disappearance? Who would local people try to protect? Who moved to Florida after this incident? Who's story doesn't make any sense? The Bus driver.
Now why she went to northern NH is a mute issue. It could have been any of 100 reasons. Regardless, shes vanished! Gone! Disappeared!
One thing is for sure, she wasn't driving to that spot in the road to have an accident and vanish.
She happened to have that accident in the wrong place at the wrong time and had the wrong person arrive just in time to see her.
Obviously this wasn't preplanned. But, it was now or never for the perpertrator to grab her. I still believe she was convinced that her abductor was trying to help her out. "Give me the alcohol if you have any in your car before the police get here" "Hop in before they arrive and I'll take you over to my house down the street and hide you out for a bit because you've been drinking" "You don't want to spend the night in jail"
This is only my opinion, but again, I've read the available facts over and over. Every time it adds up to that. How was she disposed of? That is deep wilderness country. Anyone that lived around there for a good number of years would know where the logging roads run deep.
My guess is she was in the house when the police knocked on the bus door while the driver filled out his paperwork. It was certainly more convenient to be answering a knock on the door of the bus than answering the door of the house if she were in it and he was trying to "help" her!
To help the officer, he made a half hearted effort to drive around looking for her and of course, never saw her again. But after he returned home, and the officer had called it a night, he had other plans. He knew that the next day or so, someone would be around to ask questions or looking for her since the officer knew he had said he talked to her. What did he do with her? That is the unknown.
My "guess" is she was buried deep somewhere in the wilderness not far from where she was last seen. Again, only my guess, only my opinion. What's your guess?

Adriana 09-11-2011 02:56 AM

I think of Maura all the time. Sometimes at night I go through the entire thing. What is astonishing regarding this case is the very short time (window of opportunity) in which it happened... I believe Maura thought she was in trouble (previous accident were student was hit) but so many unanswered questions...who was she meeting there? did they ever questioned the off dt patrolman that saw or might have seen her....I feel a great deal of pain for what might have happened and for her family...I believe someone from that area might be involved... I have a million questions ...

Maura Murray 10-13-2011 03:46 AM

This case is very interesting, been following from the beginning.
I hope some day all the details are revealed so that we can know the real truth about what happened.

Maura Murray 10-13-2011 04:02 AM

Bottom line is: she was more than likely unconscious on impact and was carried out of the vehicle before the police were called, which is why she wasn't there 10 minutes later when cops arrived, because she was already gone. Explains why they couldn't find any foot prints leading away from the scene. She was taken out of the car and put into a vehicle like a school bus. A reason for explaining the death in the family lie would be it was an excuse to get out of an exam, as this is the only way a professor would consider it a valid excuse.

Guest 10-13-2011 04:26 AM

I have always been intrigued by this case and have ALWAYS felt that someone else was involved. She didn't take her own life and she didn't wander off and die from the elements.

In my humble opinion, I have always believed Maura had a secret person in her life and it was causing her stress. Maybe they were involved romantically, purely physically, for drugs, whatever...I think they were involved SOMEHOW.

We are all capable of these secrets and all of us have some skeletons in our closets. I'm just convinced, and always have been, that there is a person out there that she was involved with long before she vanished.

I think she had planned to get away with or meet up with this person for a getaway...again, for sex, drugs, romance, WHATEVER... and things went awry. He wasn't who she thought he was, he was a violent person who had intended to hurt her from the get go, they were drunk, I don't know...but for whatever reason I think she had this secret second life, second person and things went sour from alcohol, stress, whatever. As others suggested, what if she had a miscarriage and needed to get away to think about it/get it off her mind? Maybe she was pregnant with her boyfriends child and never told him and had an abortion and wanted to get away to think about it? Or wasn't sure it was his? I'm just tossing things out, but I mostly believe this firmly is rooted around another man/woman that she met BEFORE this particular night.

Suicide is totally out, in my opinion. IF she were going to harm herself, #1 why bother to pack anything (especially make up, meds and school work) and #2 Why bother with emailing instructors saying that there was a death in the family? If one is planning a suicide, wouldn't they just go do it and not bother contacting INSTRUCTORS of all people? It sounds to me like she was planning to return to school at some point since she did email them AND took her books/homework with her.

I think she planned a getaway with another person and they had a falling out. This would explain the alcohol missing from her car. Maybe they met somewhere, got drunk together, got into it, and she drove off drunk, while he (or she) followed her. It sounds crazy but something about this doesn't make sense. She was going SOMEWHERE and it was SECRETIVE and PLANNED then something unexpected happened with her plans, she left drunk/upset, wrecked, and he caught up with her to give her a ride ( he was following her) and ended up harming her and disposing of her remains far away.

I don't think she ran off with him. I think, based on what I've read, she would've contacted SOMEONE in her family by now. Maybe initially, the thought had crossed her mind, but I just think this was a secret second relationship and it ended up getting her killed. So I think she was murdered and knew the murderer. I doubt they'll find her or the person that did it but I pray to God some closure is brought to her family.

Ameriah 10-30-2011 06:27 AM

My theory
I have looked in to this case over and over again. There are two red flags that keep popping up from what i have read. Fist off during the time Maura disappeared there was later to be discovered a serial killer in that area. If they did have anything to do with it they are now dead and we will never find out. But I truly believe that the Bus driver had something to do with her going missing. He has already left state and not too shortly after all this has happened. And his story just doesn't check add up to me at all. He seems to have contradictions.

Guest 11-07-2011 09:48 AM

Regarding the bus driver may have did it theory: If I were involved in someone's disappearance, I wouldn't admit I even saw them in the first place. If he hadn't come forward to say he had seen her, who would have been the wiser?

Guest 11-07-2011 09:57 AM

Bus Driver did it???
To all those who propose the bus driver was involved in Maura's disappearance, could you provide an explanation of why he would even come forward in the first place to say he had seen her and offered assistance? If I had been involved in someone's disappearance, I wouldn't have said I had seen the missing person before they disappeared esp knowing I was the last person to see them. In his case, who would have been the wiser? No one ever would have connected him to Maura. As strange as it may sound to some of you, people do move for a variety of reasons. I too would like to know what happened to Maura, but the theory about the bus driver just doesn't add up to me.

Guest 11-17-2011 06:31 AM

With all these theories that I read in this discussion, has anyone reported any of them to the Haverhill PD? I was wondering about this and I'd like to know the answer.

Guest 11-17-2011 09:06 AM

I too, think this case is very interesting. Although we unfortunately hear about missing people on the news, read about it in the newspaper, and see it on our homepage .. this one really caught my attention.

She looks like an attractive young woman, bright smile, very intelligent, very fit... if she were to meet another man, wouldn't it be just easier to break up with her current boyfriend, especially since he was no where near her? Most people in long distance relationships, if wanting to date other people would do this.

I don't think her calling cards sound too unusual, as if it was her boyfriend's mother who bought them, not her herself.

I think if she were to meet up with another man there would have been clues about it when the police took the hard drive from her computer out, ...and also on phone bills.

The only person who knew, at the time, that a rag was in her car kit was herself. So how could an abductor know it was there in the first place..and would be able to open up her trunk, know there was a rag inside the kit...take the rag out, and place it in there..without her knowing in the first place

If it were true that she was meeting up with someone in NH, how would they know exactly where she crashed her car at? Her phone reception didn't work, so how would she be able to tell them exactly where she was..

she didn't make any calls after that.. I read on another website.

I find that most depressing people, or ones who may be suicidal tend to 'give up' example: i think the last thing on a very depressed, and suicidal person's mind is to pack their school books, and even toiletry items including a tooth brush and floss. Most suicidal people and very depressed people probably wouldn't even think of brushing their teeth, and flossing twice a day...also, let alone pack their birth control pills, and remember to take them each and every day. Since she brought her school books with her, that makes me think she had intentions of studying in the week she took off from college. Nursing school is very competitive and extremely hard.. most people refer to it as 'blood, sweat, and tears'.. literally.

If she left her car, intending to commit suicide somewhere out in the woods, in my opinion, i don't think anyone about to commit suicide would decide to bring their debit card with them.. there would be no point into doing that.

I can't imagine that it would be easy to 'start over' especially if you are on a missing person's list ... I would think it would be very hard to find a new place of employment, as well as open up a new bank account with a fake ID.

If there were an abductor who staged her car crash, wouldn't he have picked her up sooner, than 4-5 miles down the road, an hour away, as a construction man pointed out he saw her...

They didn't see the other bottles of booze in her car, because she most likely put them in her backpack with her.

In my opinion, if she were to commit suicide, her body most likely would have been found a long time ago. By dogs, by people searching the area.

I read on one website that she got a phone call while at work that upset her so much that her supervisor told her she should probably go back to her dorm.. i think it also said that the supervisor escorted her back to her dorm... i wonder what that phone call consisted of, and who she spoke to..and why it upset her so much..

Also, i read on other websites that she was an introvert, and a private person.. if that's true..if she were depressed then she probably would not have disclosed that to her life long friends, or even her father or boyfriend.

One of the last emails she send to her boyfriend said that she didn't feel like talking to anyone that day.. but she said she would promise to talk to him soon..and that she loved him...

so i wonder what upsetting news she got on a phone call that made her so mad she left work and got escorted back to her dorm.

Having all the demands in nursing school, being in a long distance relationship, being an athlete in college, and trying not to let your parents down is a lot of pressure and stress for someone so young, at 21 years old.

I'm assuming that since she took her bank card with her, that she had intentions on using it.. otherwise why bring it? If she hadn't had intentions on using it.. she would have just left it.... especially since there was a very short amount of lapsed time between the bus driver speaking to her and the cop showing up.. that seemed to have been an important object for her to bring.

One website I saw stated that when the bus driver went up to her car to ask if she was OK, and if she wanted the cops called.. it said she wouldn't get out of her car..and she didn't take him up on his offer of going to his house to wait for the police.. so this tells me she is probably not naive enough to get into a complete strangers car.. if someone were going to stop and offer her a ride.

I find it odd for someone to get into two car accidents within two days... not just fender benders, but accidents involving thousands of dollars from the insurance company.

I thought I remember hearing on the ID missing person documentary, the one featuring her.. i thought i heard one of her friends said that she just upped and went to Boston one day without telling anyone? So her being an introvert, she sounds as though she needs her space, and likes to get away from things to think more clearly.

It sounds as though she had a lot on her mind, maybe something no one will ever know.. days before she even disappeared. Being that she placed high in her high school class, along with being an athlete, and having gone to a military academy, as well as being on the dean's list.. only tells us she must have been a responsible and intelligent person... so it sounds unusual for a person with those attributes to be drinking and driving, .... I think i read on one website, that when she took her father's car out again, it was after some party she went to, and was drinking.. so two drunk driving car accidents within two days... something is not right there.

If she had intentions of committing suicide in the woods, why would she bother to bring her birth control pills.. why take birth control pills everyday if you're only going to commit suicide..
one person had said that she was probably pregnant.. I don't think that is true.. why would pregnant people, who know they are pregnant take their pills?

It sounds a little weird to me that the bus driver upped and left the state and moved out of state....Everyone has their own perspective and outlook and opinion on this obviously, but if i felt as though i did something good for someone, and was use to living in a state or neighborhood.. i would probably stay there.. i would have enough confidence to know i did nothing wrong, and was only trying to help someone... no offense to him, ..but that's just my own opinion.

Maybe her father was a little hard on her, and had expectations of her, most parents who want to see their children do well in this world, and succeed usually are a little hard on them, tough love. Maybe she felt as though she disappointed him when she got into an accident..

Not sure why she decided to pack up her things at her dorm..maybe at the time she was contemplating suicide.. but wasn't completely sure she wanted to do this.. maybe she was confused.. maybe she felt like not living anymore.. but also wanted to run away at the same time.. maybe she didn't know what she wanted..

I don't know.. just my two cents worth.. sorry for the unorganized thoughts.. this is an interesting case though.. I feel most sorry for her father.. he seems like a good person who would do anything for his daughter.

Guest 11-27-2011 06:45 PM

Maura and the Bus Driver
As for why the bus driver would have admitted to talking to her: The bus driver had a time schedule that would have easily placed him around that area at the time of Maura's accident. He lived very close, just down the street from where Maura's car went off the road. In addition, anyone including the neighbors who called the police reporting the accident could have seen his bus stop at Maura's car. So it was imperative that he admitted he talked to her in case someone else later reports they saw his bus parked beside the road at the scene of the accident.

I think it's possible that Maura had been pregnant and had an abortion in Mass before leaving for NH to recover. NH would not be the place to go for an abortion, but it would be a place to recover, and she didn't want anyone to know about it. It seems reasonable to believe that was the reason she reported to her school there had been a death in the family. It's possible the alcohol was to help take her mind off her guilt. She didn't want her situation to be obvious at home, so she decided to go to NH where she had been many times before, in order to recover this time. But on the way, something happened. Did her car spin around causing it to be headed in the opposite direction? Or had she made it to a destination and headed back? An immediate look at the road surface would have told a story. But we can only go by what we were told. It's assumed that she was still headed toward Bartlett.

If that were the case, then the car had to spin around. Either way, where did she go? She couldn't hide her own body after committing suicide, so suicide is out. Other wise, she would have already been found. If she were dead, then someone somewhere has to know where her body is hidden. If she's alive, there would be no reason to still be in hiding. The bus driver moved to Florida after the investigation was getting deep. Coincidence? Possibly, but not likely. The police botched their job. Or did they? From all the information available, there were only two people that stopped at the site of Maura's accident that night on a much untraveled road at that time of night. The Bus Driver, and the Police Officer.

The Bus Driver claimed he spoke to her while she was still in her car. 10 minutes later, the Police Officer arrived and stated he never saw her. She wasn't there! Did the Bus Driver have time to dispose of her body before the Police Officer arrived at his house less than a half hour later? Was he hiding her out to help her not be discovered as DWI? Take another look. The Police Officer claims he never saw her. He stated the car was empty. And yet, they never found any tracks leading into the woods. The Police Officer came from the same direction the Bus Driver had come from.

And with snow bankings on the sides of the road, it would have made it difficult for Maura to jump over at night to hide when a car came by. He never saw anyone walking along the road! It was night time, dark, bitter cold, and the bus driver was in his driveway filling out paper work, and she never walked by that way either? Now lets add it up,. 7 years later, none of the Police Officers in the town know about Maura Murray Missing from their own town? And yet, here we are still trying to figure out what happened to her! The Police Officer had another call so he had to leave!

It would be interesting to see what the other call was that he had to respond to. He left the scene of an accident knowing there was a female that had just been in an accident possibly with head trauma and in trouble. Does that make sense? The Police wouldn't give her father the information from their investigation saying it could taint future investigation into the case. Her father talked to the Governor, took it to court, and did all he could to find his daughter. He was shot down every step of the way. Even the neighbors called the Police on him for trespassing when he was trying to find clues to his daughters whereabouts.

Doesn't that strike anyone as odd??? Or am I the only one? If I had lived in the area, I would have put on my Boots, Coat, Gloves, taken my Hunting GPS and compass, and set out to help find that girl. If my daughter went missing somewhere I would have done all that her father did too. I can't imagine the road blocks placed in front of him trying to find his little girl! Not only by the Police, but the neighbors too! And in such a rural area! OK, so Bus Driver? Or Police Officer? Although it's possible someone else came along and just decided to grab her, there isn't anything to point that way.

There were some odd stories, but the dogs were only able to follow her scent a short distance. Not even as far as the Bus Driver's house. If there were only a Bus and a Police car that went by, the it would seem that one of them had her in it. Maybe the dogs should have sniffed out both. I have to wonder what their reaction would have been.

Guest 11-28-2011 03:09 PM

Why does an Arsonist stand in a crowd of the building He/She just set fire to? Because He/She wants to have a continued involvement. And if it was so cold outside WHY was the bus driver doing His paperwork in the bus, and not in His warm house?

Guest 11-30-2011 05:44 PM

Perhaps he had a police scanner in his bus and knew that the police had been contacted already. I have read multiple posts that have stated a nearby neighbor had called them.

My issues with the bus driver are as follows:

1: He was the first on the scene.

2: If you pulled up to a young, injured girl on the side of a dark road in the freezing cold, would you leave her to run home and call the police? Hell no!!

3: Why was he driving a school bus at night?

4: This guy has since moved out of state.

I am 100% confident this guy had something to do with it. No question.

Guest 12-02-2011 09:41 PM

Police dont give records
I am disappointed with the authorities in this case and similar cases that get a request for records pertaining to THERE OWN CHILD or loved one. And the courts reason for not sharing this type of information is........."It Would Interfere With Future Law Enforcement Proceedings"! EXCUSE ME??? I don't understand why the PARENT of a child can not get the files/records attached to that investigation because the Parent has to protect FUTURE police work that might or might not even happen!! My thoughts are with you, Frank and other loved ones. Remember her, to keep her HERE!

Marple 12-19-2011 05:18 PM

Butch Atkins, the school bus driver, was clearly just a concerned citizen who tried to help Maura. I'm sure after she disappeared he was devastated that he wasn't able to convince her to come to his home for a cuppa and wait for a tow truck. It has been posted that Butch moved to Florida and has since passed away. Someone stated that while Butch was in his bus completing his trip report he believes a that a few cars passed by. Perhaps he took note of one of the vehicles and even recognized it. Or perhaps not.

Maura was an intelligent girl and most likely street smart. I don't believe she was totally schnockered on the red wine either. She would not have gotten into a passing vehicle unless (1) the driver/abductor was credible and perceived to be trustworthy or in a position of authority, (2) she'd had a previous and pleasant encounter with him earlier that evening at a gas station or rest stop or (3) he was known to her.

I believe the truck sighting by RO near and at SSS with the driver checking her out and the suspicious activity outside a truck by the dog owner on BHR. Maura was targeted at a local gas station as she checked her map, poured a little wine into her Coke can and wrapped the rag around the exhaust. Perhaps while she went into pay cash for the gas, he shoved the rag up the tailpipe and then suggested she take Rte. 112 not #302. Perhaps he even said follow me and led her to the 112 cut off, headed up 302 and then circled back to find her. By the time he turned back at went up the hill at 7:05-ish near SSS there was RO who he thought at first could be Maura on foot after her car stalled out. But it's not Maura, it's RO.

So he gives a bit more of a head start and then plans to rush in as the knight in shining Armour. Perhaps he had to pass by while Butch stopped or he waited and then heard about the crash on his police band radio and swooped in.

Another possible variation is that Maura met this perp in NH during the lengthy UMass Christmas break. This is pure speculation... but maybe she's pregnant with his child and she goes to Bartlett to clear her head. En route she arranges to meet with him. He suggests Rte 112 and says he'll catch up with her there. And, not wanting to have a child, he kills her... and makes sure she'll never be found. ***In no way am I trying to besmirch Maura's good name, I'm just trying to provide possibilities to jog memories as it has been almost 7 years.***

As a university student 20+ years ago, I too criss-crossed New England's highways and byways in a battered beater of a car (I was just happy to have wheels!). There were no cell phones or on-board GPS systems and we all took chances getting around those dark roads to get to ski weekend meet-ups, concerts and winter carnival weekends across the region. This tragedy could have happened to any one of us and we should keep seeking until the truth comes out.

How much reward money ($500,000 ... $1,000,000) will it take for someone to come forward with information about a cleaned up car, an employee late for work or a partner who stayed out all night? Somebody, somewhere knows something.

Guest 12-20-2011 06:04 AM

Psychos don't think like normal if u say I wouldn't come forward and say I've seen her like the bus driver, you can't put yourself in their place and think of what they did or didn't do for what ever reason using yourself. I hope the dad gets his answers one day God bless.

Sasa 12-23-2011 11:33 PM

Most of the missing cases I saw just does not get into my head. This case seems even stranger taking in consideration that nothing that has happened 72 hours prior to her disappearance did not point on strange behavior later on. I guess what ever was on her mind in a terms of having secret boyfriend, having a problem at her Collegue, being pregnant...there would be at least one person that she would confide to. Things that people hardly share with anybody are mostly connected to their family life, problems that they have with their parents, relatives...mostly about something they feel ashamed of.

One thing that I am guessing (and I am apologizing to her father if I am wrong), that he was not fully honest when he said he was not upset with the damage she made in a first car accidence. New car, 10.000$ damage, her being upset and he called her his buddy. I have a feeling that he carries some feeling of guilt because of it and it is obvious that she started to behave strange after that event. He said if that was the only disappointment she made in her 21 year of life he was happy. She probably wanted to get away from it and take a moment for herself, and from the reasons I mention before she didn't feel good to share with anybody.

By the way, taking in consideration that mother of her boyfriend was more like mother representative and talking about details that she and her son did for her, and her real mother did not even appear on this show it back ups my theory. It seams like they were more her family than her real family.

Anyhow, probably she wanted to get away from it, wanted to take few days for herself. Wanted to rent a flat for a few days, brought a books with her, bought some liquors (I don't know why, maybe for relaxation) and hit the road. Unfortunately only 2 day after she had another car accidence and only way I could justify her not being willing to call and inform police about this was her being in fear of someone response and reaction. Maybe reaction of her father.Many parents and families stayed dedicated after many years to find their beloved but not in a way like her father. Why? I do not have an answer. Maybe she just wanted to disappear for good because she did not like the life in which she was living in.

Most probably if she stayed alive someone, at some point would recognize her, but most likely running away from that life she was not lucky enough to reach her "freedom". Hope one day they will find out what happened to her this or that way. Sorry for my English...I am not a native speaker.

Guest 12-28-2011 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 46250)
As strange as it may sound to some of you, people do move for a variety of reasons. I too would like to know what happened to Maura, but the theory about the bus driver just doesn't add up to me.

I totally agree with your comment. I don't believe the theory of the driver, I think it just doesn't add up. I hope they find Maura soon.

Guest 12-30-2011 09:00 PM

Maybe she was secretly unhappy and the the car crash was the breaking point so she decided to run.
You never know how someone feels until your in their shoes, no matter how close you are.

JGuest 01-03-2012 03:31 AM

This is what I think happened, maybe.

She had plans to do something "she wasn't supposed to be doing", ie..trying to kill an unborn fetus by over-drinking, meeting up with another boyfriend, etc. IMO, she had already started drinking. After her accident, her car was stuck or else I think she would have just kept driving.

Once she realized other people had witnessed her accident, she knew she would have some explaining to do. She would have to explain where she was going, why she was drinking and driving (again). It was too much for her. Once she was alone again, she grabbed what she needed -keys,phone,purse and some of the alcohol, possibly any other snacks she had with her, we know she had milk/cream for white Russians, vodka maybe she had other food--and tried to hide out. By hide out I mean run into the woods or somewhere she could wait things out.

From that point either she either died from exposure--it only takes a few hours with out shelter--or became embarrassed with the attention her disappearance was generating. There's also the possibility she had a minor head injury from the accident, causing her to make even more irrational decisions? As for her body not being found if she did die of exposure, or any of her stuff being found?

That's my only problem with my theory. There is a rushing river there,maybe she fell in. Either way, there have been cases of people wandering away from their cars after an accident and dying of exposure and not being found until way way later. So I don't know?

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