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Termi 10-27-2009 06:59 PM

Stephen Stills Health?
Stephen Stills had prostate cancer but he was lucky enough the disease was caught early enough for effective treatment.

When I was learning to play guitar, and still young enough to hit the high notes, Stills' tunes were some of my favorites. I wish him the best of luck with his health.

How is Stephen today? Is he healthy? Did he fully recover?

Bird 10-27-2009 07:01 PM

Stephen Stills underwent successful surgery for prostate cancer. Stills' wife Kristen issued a statement in which she said that "the procedure went remarkably well and he couldn't be better."

His health is fine now.

In September he released "Pieces," a collection of outtakes from his short-lived band Manassas, and Tuesday (October 27) he'll put out "Live at Shepherd's Bush," a CD/DVD set from his 2008 solo tour.

Stills is plotting a number of other archival projects, including a Manassas box set. He also has been working with the Jimi Hendrix family's Experience Hendrix company on a tape of recordings the two guitarists made together, which Stills claimed "doesn't have as much as people think is on there."

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