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Marilyn 01-22-2008 09:15 AM

Want To Be A Disc Jockey? Read This First
Disc Jockeys are considered the life of any party these days. No night club seems to be able to do without them. Also called, ?Deejays?, they play music creatively for radio stations or nightclubs. The radio Disc Jockeys (called Radio Jockeys) not only play music but also talk about the news, sports and hold talk shows with celebrities or even the public. The disc jockeys working for clubs mix music and create special effects apart from providing enthusiastic comments in between.

They have to not only carry out music recording but also be good talkers. They need to record the latest and most happening music and do it in a way that is sensitive to the dancers? requirements. The job is certainly not an easy one as most disc jockeys have to work very late hours and may have to face a lot of isolation due to the nature of their job. Moreover, there is not a very huge market in small towns and to be successful; they have to move to urban areas for more options.

When working for radio stations, disc jockeys may not only have to be involved in audio mastering but also have to work all alone in sound proof, air conditioned rooms. They have to be very highly in tune to the latest issues to be able to chat while playing music. They have to keep track of the time and co-ordinate music, talk show, requests and commercial breaks. They have to be well prepared with spicy and interesting tidbits and organize the whole program.

Thus, while it may seem that the job is easy; actually the disc jockeys have to go through a lot of script creation and live and unprepared chatting with other people. Talking without any notes is rather tough because they have to forever think on their toes and be alert.

Moreover, a disc jockey needs to be able to work with all the recording software and studio equipments. They have to adjust sound and music and have erratic working hours. Since the radio stations are on air 24 hours a day, the radio jockeys can be called anytime of the day and must be always prepared. They must have good speaking voices and good grasp of the language in which they broadcast.

To start their career, disc jockeys may have to work free in certain clubs. Since there are no specific courses for this job, they have to be able to hold the pulses of their listeners. They may have to establish a good reputation as this career works very well by word of mouth. Normally, most disc jockeys follow a particular genre of music and are known for that specific type of music. They must also have some technical knowledge of recording studio equipment and should have the confidence to make the crowd dance to their tunes.

It is very difficult to get regularly paying gigs in this profession and so they have to be very well connected and aware of the various parties and occasions that need them. Most disc jockeys have different day jobs and use this as a part time job.

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