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Jess 12-13-2010 04:49 AM

Cam Newton Heisman Speech?
In one of the least surprising Heisman votes in the past, Cam Newton capped his brilliant on-the-field performance in 2010 by being named as the 76th winner of the Heisman Trophy. He joins Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan as the only players in school history to win the award.

Cam Newton received 82.2% of the first-place votes (729 of the 886 ballots returned), but was left off 105 ballots. He was picked first on 93.3% of ballots which included him.

Many people had expressed interest in hearing what Newton would say upon winning, considering Auburn’s tight media policy since the onset of the investigation into his recruitment at Mississippi State and elsewhere.

The Cam Newton Heisman speech was very emotional, I'm looking for the video of the speech online, can anyone help me find it?

Chester 12-13-2010 04:51 AM

During the Heisman speech, Cam Newton thanked God, who Newton acknowledged was the head of his life, then he broke down in tears when he tried to thank his father, Cecil Newton.

Cecil Newton wasn't sitting in the crowd watching his son receive that iconic statue. He had released a statement earlier in the week that said he wasn't going to attend.

Cam Newton got choked up while at one point describing the emotional toll the season took, but composed himself. He called the Heisman award a “dream come true.”

Newton maintains that he did nothing wrong and says he loves his father and looks up to him now just as he has his whole life. He also said he was disappointed his father decided not to attend the ceremony.

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