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Ariel 12-27-2012 12:47 PM

Happy New Year 2013 Facebook Covers?
I was looking for some happy New Year 2013 Facebook covers but I couldn't find good ones. Do you know where can I find some?? I'm not so good with the computer but I like to do pictures and last year I made a card saying Happy New Year, and this time I would like to make a nice 2013 Facebook cover, but I don't know what to write if I make it and I don't know where to look to copy them. Can you help me to find Happy New Year Facebook covers for this 2013??

Summer 12-27-2012 12:49 PM

There are a lot of different pages where you can find Happy New Year 2013 Facebook covers, but not all of them are original and with good pictures. I was searching on the internet, and some Facebook covers are really bad or you don't have so many options. In this page you have a lot of Happy New Year 2013 covers. It doesn't mean that in the first page you will see the one that you like, but for sure you will find one that you like at least for a little. Also there are many sites online where you can find others original pictures about this New Year.
In my opinion you should do one Facebook cover, writing only what you want, putting a picture of you or your family and adding some nice words wishing everyone the best for this 2013. If you did a card, is not so different to make this so it won't be too difficult, and you will be happy for sure.

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