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Kenneth 12-19-2011 11:33 PM

Is David Guetta a Singer?
David Guetta has collaborated with an infinite number of singers, but I'm not sure whether he just mixes songs or sings as well. Whenever you turn on your tv you see "name of singer ft. David Guetta" but I think he must have any song by himself. I thought I had heard something sung by him but I can't tell exactly what. Maybe it was some unknown artist which whom David Guetta collaborated as usual. Does anyone know if he is a singer and which songs did he sing?

Gracie 12-19-2011 11:33 PM

David Guetta is not a singer. He just collaborates with singers and mixes music. If you enter his Wikipedia page, you'll confirm this. Besides, there's a Facebook page which says "David Guetta is a dj, not a singer". I don't know why, maybe he just can't sing. He's worldwide famous, David Guetta doesn't even need to sing. However, I'm getting tired of seeing him everywhere, so please, make it stop. I'm comparing two different things, but if I had to choose between him and Pitbull I'd be lost because both are annoying.

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