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Reece 12-11-2009 02:47 PM

Kalamazoo Public Schools Closings?
The winter arrived with a major snowstorm. Areas west of U.S. 131 to Lake Michigan were hit the hardest, getting at least a foot of snow.
More snow perhaps a few inches is in the forecast for the weekend.

Has there been any school closings? What's the news on the Kalamazoo Public Schools?

Gerard 12-11-2009 02:57 PM

There's a lot of snow in Kalamazoo now. In the radio they mention some school closings.

Kalamazoo plow-truck drivers were working up to 16-hour shifts Wednesday and Thursday, officials said. Twenty trucks and several loaders were on the road for more than 24 hours straight beginning Wednesday.

Most motorists had a better chance of reaching their destinations Thursday albeit slowly than did people flying out of West Michigan airports. Trains and commercial buses also were slowed and delayed.

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